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The body of every human being consists of a million elements thanks to which it functions properly. It needs a certain amount of elements, a specific level of vitamins and minerals for the organs to meet its task that health is not compromised. However, if one of them is missing, maybe this cause irreversible effects. When the body is cut, damaged, then it arises cavities, changes, scars, deformations. Even though it can endure a lot, it is a fragile form, like insect. That is why I presented the delicacy of this form in the form of deformed dragonflies, thus showing the specific and human fragility of shape, body, life ... Man gets to know new things, places, people, thus changing, growing up, negating, confirming, turning away from someone, opens up to something, etc. Crossing another border in learning about the world causes multiple effects. This is what he tries to show on the canvas - many different forms, shapes and solutions (resulting from the influence of external factors) presented in one the body.

year: 2015

place: wrocław

material: oil paint, acrylic, promarker, pencil, watercolour pencil, canvas, paper

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